Cisco Unity with Unified Messaging Migration

When the Enterprise Business planned to upgraded their Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange 2010 the existing Cisco Unity (version 4.2.1 with off-box Exchange 2003 integration) would need to be upgraded. Therefore, plans where made to move away from an Exchange 2003 integrated solution. Previously, the voice mail message store used the Exchange 2003 environment for the voice mail deposits.

The chosen Cisco voice mail platform to upgrade and install for the Enterprise Business was Cisco Unity Connection, version 8.6. This Cisco voice mail platform provides a single box delivery for voice mail. This provides a feel of the previous voice mail delivery and synchronization accustomed to by the end users.

As a system engineer responsible for the operation of the Cisco voice mail system, how would the migration away from Unity with Exchange 2003 integration work for those needing to implement Cisco Unity Connection? No worries, great detailed information on this is provided by Cisco. See the Reconfiguration and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Connection Release 8.x and the Cisco Support tools page at:

The migrating of the existing Unity 4.2 users to the new and separate Unity Connection 8.6 was very easy to do. I have outlined some of the basic steps and I have details the SSL certificate tasks. Additionally, for voice mail delivery to the end users Outlook, then Unity Connection 8.6 requires Exchange 2010 to set Unity Connection as a SMTP relay. Once Unity Connection is setup as a SMTP relay then the voicemail messages can be delivered to the person’s outlook account and the message is attached as a *.wav format. Additionally, another task is to create an Exchange user with rights within Exchange 2010 which I have detailed as well.

These steps and additional details are available in my document using the link located at the bottom left-hand side of this page. Don’t forget to review the Cisco documentation for
Migrating from Cisco Unity to Cisco Unity Connection 8.x by Gradually Moving Data.

Topics and Tasks Covered in my Document
- Plan the Unity Voice Mail Upgrade
- Active Directory / Exchange Tasks
- Exchange 2010 Integration Needs
- Prepare, Obtain, Create .pem Certificates
- Cisco CallManager Tasks
- Prepare Unity Connection with a Migration User
- Unity Connection 8.6 Unified Messaging Service
- Unleash the COBRA
- Export Unity 4.2 users
- Import Unity 4.2 users to the Unity Connection 8.6
- Test with a Pilot User Base
- Complete the Migration
- Update Cisco CallManager DN setting
- Monitor Unity Connection 8.6 Operation